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Hello I’m back to blogging!

I actually started blogging first before posting my creations and paintings online, so I really miss this! My blog now would probably be a lot different than what I’ve done before, which is just writing whatever comes to my mind and even personal funny experiences. For my new direction I’m thinking…art videos, writing about my experiments, creation process and how to stay creative despite having a day job and being stuck in traffic each day? Hahaha! No I’m not kidding. I’m also reading up on inspiring articles to help me move towards this new direction. Let me know if this sounds interesting!

Speaking of interesting, crafters and artists would be happy to know that inkscribbler‘s brainchild The Craft Central has opened in Greenbelt 5! *throws confetti* I was invited to the PR party last September 21 and I didn’t hesitate to go, despite it being a work day. Who can say no to arts and crafts right?


The Craft Central has a space for conducting workshops. Will definitely consider holding my next workshop here!


The shop contains a lot of artisan products like handmade perfumes, soap, pouches, stationary, stamps, stickers and supplies for watercolor and calligraphy. I think this will be my go-to place to look for gifts for friends. 🙂



Sennelier La Petit Aquarelle fine student travel box (1,790.00), Mixing palette (180.00) from The Craft Central, Watson postcard book (out of stock at Wildwood store)

The Craft Central is located at the 3rd floor, Greenbelt 5. They have prepared several activities for the opening weekend so be sure not to miss out!




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