Good Vibes Planner 2017

This artwork was selected as one of 12 prints in Moonleaf Tea Shop‘s 2017 planner. I’m so happy and honored! Moonleaf Tea Shop offers beverages in a cafe style environment and have several branches all over the country from Baguio to Taguig city.

I received a copy of the planner (plus a lot of gift certificates) a few weeks back. My art is featured on the month of October (too bad it wasn’t November keke~). Look at those gorgeous artworks – it feels so awkward to be included with them!!

Crossing my fingers for more collaborations in the future. 🙂



My officemate made the write-up for me, because it’s just weird to write stuff like this about yourself.

Good Vibes Planner 2017 can be ordered here.

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