Sekaido: An Artist’s Heaven

I wasn’t mentally prepared for Sekaido.


Just like what people who’ve been there told me, it was an artist’s heaven. Sorry for the lack of photos because I was given only 1 hour to roam the entire building and shop, else my family will leave me. *panics* Sekaido is nearest from Shinjuku station. There’s a tourist information center when you get out of the station and they kindly pointed me to the right direction. The tourist information center is near 3 cherry blossom trees so that’s the landmark!
I think 15 minutes was spent being overwhelmed with so many things to see. If it’s your first time in Sekaido, I suggest to have a checklist of stuff you want to find. I already know what I want to look for so that’s the sections I went to. 3rd floor is all about watercolor so I spent my time there but made sure to quickly visit all the floors. There are A LOT of options to choose from for a particular item so I guess that’s where the (happy) problem lies.


I wanted to buy more paper (not usually found in the Philippines) but I’ve yet to use my stash of watercolor pads from Fullybooked, which I got from my last workshop. I was looking for a stamp to have my chinese initials engraved but didn’t find anybody to do the engraving. 🙁 They have plenty of the marble stamp sticks (so gorgeous!) and the engraving equipment though.
I was thisclose to buying gold powder in a ziplock – but have no idea if they will dissolve in water. Most items have Japanese labels so I didn’t want to risk it.Some brands I saw: Holbein, Kuretake gansai tambi, Maimeri, Faber-Castell, Schmicke, Canson, Daler-Rowney, Steadlter, Pentel, Tombow, and many many more!

My haul from Sekaido:
Holbein Clester watercolor paper block (Was to supposed to get the Albireo but I still have some papers left so opted for a different one.)
Brush (L)
Holbein paint tubes (5ml)
Gold paint
Faber-Castell art grip watercolor pencils – an impulse buy, but I’m definitely seeing a lot of use in this!
My family was shocked when I came out with only a bag hahahaha! I have to use up my existing materials first. 😉 One day, hopefully I can return to Japan and to Sekaido. It’s definitely a recommended shop for art enthusiasts and hobbyists (but make sure you come prepared!)!

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