Staycation at Rockwell (plus where we ate)

Our family checked in at Aruga by Rockwell for a short staycation for the holy week. We rarely go to the Powerplant mall so it’s a refreshing change of scenery. I’m mostly sharing here where our family ate when I’m not locked up in the room, binge watching Daredevil or painting.
Hello from the Chua family 🙂
We stayed in the bedroom suite, good for four persons with two rooms (1 king and 1 queen sized beds), 3 bathrooms, small functioning kitchen, laundry room, dining room and living room.
Everyone just rushed in the room so all my photos have someone in it.
The chef of the night checking the equipment in the kitchen.

For Friday dinner, my brother agreed to cook for us. We actually brought our own ingredients, including the sea bass and scallops. My mom prepared a salad bar and uncle brought some wine to complete dinner. I…poured water for everyone. 😛
The only downer I experienced during the stay is when the aircon leaked in our room when I lowered the aircon temp to 19 but it stopped when I put back the settings to > 20. And it took a long time for the housekeeping/IT person to bring up a remote control for the television (my lola is dying to watch TV). Our rooms come with breakfast buffet in the cafe at the ground floors. There’s a swimming pool on the 3rd floor, which I steered clear of naturally. My uncle went to look at it though and said that the swimming pool doesn’t look like picture on the website. Haha.
A lot of food photos ahead hehe~
For Saturday lunch we went to Single Origins which I heard has good coffee. But of course we ordered lunch first.
My brother and I ordered the Fried Chicken and Waffle. I’m so thankful for the side salad because this serving is too heavy for me. Chicken was ok, nothing spectacular.
Fried chicken and fries for mom and grandma. The fries was good.
Fish and chips

I was excited to try coffee here or Dean and Deluca. Since we had out lunch here, I ordered a Vanilla Latte after lunch. It was really good – just the right sweetness and milkiness. However, my tummy had a bit of trouble afterwards, it might not be the cause of the coffee but rather the combination of all the eating I’ve been doing. Huhu my stomach just rejects being super full.
Retreated back to the hotel to watch series in my laptop and paint an Easter Bunny hahaha. There’s nothing much to do after a trip to the mall. Doing nothing is basically what vacations are for.
Rambla with my fuchsia pants 😀
For dinner, we decided to look for Rambla, a Spanish restaurant nearby that has great reviews.
Since my tummy felt a little off I only ate bite size portions of the food. But I have to say – they are all delicious! All the food portions are small (as you can see through the photos below), that’s why we ordered a lot. This is on the pricier side.
Gambas Al Ajillo & Shitake Mushrooms – my faves!
Chipirones (baby squid with white beans)
Tuna and Arugula mini pizza
Jamon iberuco mini pizza
Salmon, brie & truffle oil air baguettes
Paella de marisco. The paella looks huge but the pan is very shallow.
Paella de cochinillo – really good!

We had a free dessert because my brother used an app that reserves seats for you (I can’t remember it right now). Our free dessert turns out to be churros (no picture) because Rambla has the same owner as La Lola. The churros were served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate dip – so delicious!

Lastly, before we checked out on Easter Sunday and head home, we dined at Pho Phat in Powerplant. Pho Hoa in Alabang Town Center is one of my fave restaurant because the Seafood noodle is so good so I was excited to try another Pho variety.

Chicken Pho. Not as good as the seafood in Pho Hoa.

I was supposed to get the seafood pho for proper comparison but the menu said the broth is spicy. Since I was still nursing my stomach I didn’t want to risk it. My uncle ordered it though and he said it wasn’t even spicy hahaha.

Fish cakes
Vermicelli Bowl
The true winner in Pho Phat. This gigantic mixed fried rice bowl which can feed 3 people.

If you got this far, thank you for reading this super long post, that’s all about food. My family likes to eat and it’s our way of bonding. 🙂

I’m still going to write about the Part 2 of our Tokyo travel. I have to finish those before next month ends! Please feel free to comment if you have anything to say about this blog. Do you enjoy reading about places to eat?


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