Art Exchange Exhibit and Holbein Clester Watercolor Pad Review


Joined the Art Exchange exhibit last April 18 to 25 where the theme was World Map. The exhibit was held in Greenbelt 5 and organized by The Craft Central. I was pretty excited to get my invite to the exhibit before my trip to Japan. I actually used the Clester watercolor pad I got from Sekaido for the painting since it was the biggest paper I have. More of my thoughts on Clester after a little back story of how I came up with the exhibit concept.

The theme itself was a challenge since the first thing that came to mind for maps was earth and I’m no expert on landscapes and scenery. It took a while for an idea to form that would meet my illustrative style and the theme of maps/earth. The look and feel is quite like a children’s book – because I imagined that this kind of painting to be hung in a bedroom of someone who dreams of travelling. Another challenge was deciding whether to frame it or not, I decided to find a ready-made frame that would be acceptable for the exhibit, instead of customizing since the latter cost a lot.

On to the short paper review…

Clester watercolor pad is acid free, 50% pulp and 50% cotton block sheets. It has a bit of texture which I like. The size I have is 12.5 x 16.3″ and it comes in 24 sheets. I’ve had a good experience with Holbein Albireo which my uncle got me in Sekaido as well. So I wanted to try Clester and got the biggest (?) size. I like that it comes in a non-wired binding and has a ribbon on the side so I can tie it to close. I removed a page off the Clester to work on the exhibit painting so I can tape the edges. However, when I’m working on the Albireo I don’t tear the paper off the pad to paint, so I would assume that this Clester’s paper does not easily rip too. I know there’s a Clester that is 100% cotton and I would like to try that out next time. 🙂

Here are some BTS photos of how the painting came to be:

Using the Faber Castel watercolor pencils I bought from Sekaido!
Worked on this little by little after my regular job and during weekends. I cannot remember how many hours was it exactly.

Here’s some photos of the Art Exchange exhibit. I was distracted by so many things to see so these are only some of them, but I tried to find the paintings of everyone I knew! I’ve placed their IG handle as well.

Knew immediately this was by Chesun Ong! (@chesun_ong)
By Patty Py (@pattypy)
By Alexis herself! (@inkscribbler) Imagine having to organize Art Exchange AND having the time to paint for the exhibit!

Mine! ♥

I’m so happy to take part in this activity and also got to see how much the art community is expanding its reach to share our crafts to others. It’s never too late to start to get into arts and learn a craft or two. Our world today is different with social media, there’s so many communities ready to help and teach you the skills. A lot of us are self-taught for many years because we all thought art was just some fancy hobby nobody can make a business out of. But thanks to the courage of people like Alexis who put up The Craft Central to make handmade crafts, arts and workshops easily accessible; I believe that art is starting to be more prevalent in people’s lives.

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