We were supposed to go to a day-trip to Kyoto during our 2014 Japan trip but due to my unexpected knee injury, we had to cancel it and just stay in Osaka. I thought it wasn’t a big loss since it’s mostly temples. When we finally pushed through with the day-trip to Kyoto this year, man, was I super shocked that Kyoto is such a beautiful place! One day is not enough to explore it’s beauty!

On our way to Kyoto~
Family pic with the Golden Pavilion. (I forgot to put aside the folding chair lol)

We visited Kinkakuji Temple also known as the Golden Pavilion. There’s so many people so it was difficult to take a solo shot haha! I think it would be nice to share how we travel. So I was in charge of bringing the foldable chair of my mom’s and sometimes I was also carrying the trolley, where all our shopping bags, umbrella, water, etc… are kept.  I definitely felt frustrated at times with all the things I had hanging off me (the thick clothes were already heavy on my tiny frame, and how can I be camera ready with all these stuff!) but I am relieved for the seat and trolley especially when we are all tired. I also want Mom to be comfortable and the chair makes it easier for her to rest.

Sadly, no sakura trees were blooming because we were too early and it was still too cold. I only spotted this little one and it’s still as magical as seeing it for the first time.

Break time. No cold weather can stop me from eating my ice cream.
Mom to me – “Bantayan mo yang kapatid mo baka mali mali yan at san tayo dalhin!”
They said that the further up we go the nicer the bamboos are but we did not reach the top and settled for the entrance. This photo took many tries before I’m satisfied with the crowd at my back.
So refreshing to be away from the city!

We also went to the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove which was super crowded too. We only managed to reach the spot where there are souvenir shops and a small temple; we took a break and decided to go back.

One of my brother’s Japan goal is to eat a good steak so he researched a nearby TripAdvisor recommended restaurant called Otsuka. We passed it on the way to the Bamboo grove but my brother already signed us up in the waiting list (there’s already 3 people on the list even though it’s only 10AM!). After we’ve gone back, there were quite a lot of people in waiting area and they’re already skipped our names! I thought we had to write our names at the bottom again but good thing the kind staff told us we can be the next ones seated. Whew!

Someone’s overly excited about steak!

The steak of course was super delicious (hello we are in Japan!)! We tried out different kinds and at first I thought I will not be able to finish mine but it was so soft and juicy, definitely melts in your mouth! Quite pricey though so it left quite a dent in our food budget. If you go to Kyoto, go and visit Otsuka steak shop!

Wagyu Sirlion Steak Grade A4 – 150g ¥4,200
Murasawa Sirlion Steak Grade A5 – the highest grade for steaks – 150g ¥6,200
A meal to remember!

We actually visited one more temple but I didn’t have a lot of photos of that one because I think it began to drizzle? And I was carrying Mom’s trolley up the winding temple stairs. Too bad. 🙁 All the more I am determined to go back to Kyoto and visit the other temples – preferably during sakura season!

Next up on the blog – our trip to Hakone for the hot spring! 🙂

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    1. oo ang mahal talaga niya but it is very delicious na melt in your mouth. it’s a once in a lifetime meal hahahahaha

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