Art Mod Fair 2017 with Faber-Castell

Last June 11, I went to the Art Mod Fair in SM Megamall Megatrade Center for a Watercolor Floral Workshop with a dream brand. I was first contacted by Faber-Castell when I was in Japan and I prayed so hard to make our schedules align so we can make this collaboration a reality. I’ve been using Faber-Castell since I was a kid and to work with them now that I am an adult who is moonlighting as an artist is really a dream come true.

They sent me my very own and very first green line Faber-Castell. Green is the line of their artist-grade materials.

Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils have high quality pigments that makes shading and coloring super vibrant!

I’ve first used the classic red watercolor pencils and I just bought a blue line (art grip) watercolor pencils from Sekaido and I must say the difference of this green one is really the quality of the pigment. The feel of the pencil is sturdier so I’m not afraid to put a lot of pressure to the pencil because it won’t break easily. The colors are super vibrant – a little goes a long way! I love the selection of colors in my 24 set – these are the same colors I would have in my paint palette so it’s nice to see them translate to pencil shades. Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Watercolor Pencils and other Faber-Castell products are found in National Bookstore nationwide.

Upon arriving at Art Mod Fair, my friend and I had lunch with the team of Faber-Castell and we instantly clicked so our topics went very much off tangent from art and the workshop hahaha. These are the people I feel that I can easily work and hang out with!

Before the workshop proper I did a demo near their booth. A lot of curious bystanders were watching me but I did not feel nervous at all!

My lovely shiny skirt is from Mango. Just had to say it. 😀

Prepping for the workshop, so many participants turned up! It was delayed for an hour because the prior seminar had to extend so thank you for the patience to wait for my workshop!

I feel like I’m about to hold a concert. The set-up is so professional!

Handling her watercolor pencils like a pro!

Success! 😀

Thank you lovely people from Faber-Castell! Please invite me again! ♥

And I just had to put it in words – I didn’t expect the outpouring of support and kindness. I saw a lot of familiar faces from NNIT to Cambridge; my colleagues actually brought their family (or in Filipino terms, “Ang buong barangay“) to the event, and at first I was feeling anxious as it felt like my two worlds are coming together. But I saw the genuine support from my colleagues, my friends and my family – this is something I will not forget.

Photos taken by my friend Toni, who transformed to become my momanager at the event.


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