Shelved Wishes is the introductory collaborative project of five talented and inspiring Filipino artists – Raine Sarmiento, Borg Sinaban, Rex Dasig Aguilar, Kevin Roque, and Sab Palmares. These artists make artworks for gallery exhibitions, hotels and restaurants, magazines, newspapers and books, of which some were awarded by local government institutions, and were featured on print and digital media—both in the country and abroad.

Hearing from Raine the idea behind Shelved Wishes – childhood dreams coming to life through various mediums – I couldn’t help but be in awe and remember my own childhood dreams and reflect upon it. If I would be painting a picture of my childhood dream it would probably be entering another universe since I was so into anime at that time. I wanted something more exciting, more adventurous than my current life. I guess in some ways I am painting that picture now – a girl that is always in another place, searching for something she couldn’t put into words. I love how these artists captured their dreams so beautifully in their chosen medium. I secretly want to join the project but alas – I will settle with fangirling over the artworks! It’s so well thought-out and wonderfully done – as expected from professional artists!

“Away From Home” by Rex Aguilar. Acrylic on canvas. Can you make out the houses and river in this painting? As someone learning acrylic I’m making this piece an inspiration to my future paintings!

“Curiosity Emporium” by Sab Palmares. Felt tip pens and watercolor on paper. I love the energy of this illustration! It makes me want to travel in order to see what else is out there and if possible, keep a part of that with me when I go home.

“See you Space Cowboy” by Borg Sinaban. Digital work. Don’t we all dream of what’s beyond the clouds? Borg perfectly captures the human desire to explore the outer space and wonder what is really out there.

“In the Ballet Class” by Raine Sarmiento. Watercolor, acrylic and metallic ink on paper. Probably my fave out of the bunch! The softness of pink matches the overall theme of ballet – which we equate with poise and grace.

“Carousel” by Kevin Roque. Pencil on paper. Kevin’s sadness of missing out on riding the carousel is very much evident in this black and white work.

If you want to get your hands on these 5pc postcards, they’ll be available at Roots Katipunan (Unit 106 FBR Arcade Building, 317 Katipunan Avenue Barangay Loyola Heights, Quezon City) and on Raine’s online shop! Follow their social media accounts too as there might be upcoming exhibitions and new artworks to emerge from this collaborative project! Let’s support Filipino talent!

You may reach Shelved Wishes through their various social media accounts: Facebook | Instagram | Email

Thank you Raine for sending me the postcards and freebies! 🙂

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