Our team was fortunate enough to attend the Global Scrum Gathering in Singapore last July 17-19. It was held at the Grand Copthrone Waterfront hotel which was really fancy and lovely. Of course, you’d be more interested in what we did during our free time and also where we ate! Singapore has a lot of delicious food to savorn and I don’t want to miss out!

We stayed in Hotel Nostalgia along Tiong Bahru road – a good 10 minute walk to the conference!
The interiors were old-fashioned and I had a hard time with yellow light. But it fits the name of the hotel.

We didn’t waste time in the hotel and explored the nearby Tiong Bahru complex where there’s a floor filled with hawker stalls – something they are very famous for.

This stall caught our attention for having one of the longest line. Despite our hunger we stayed in line just so we can taste the food.

The chinese stall owner caught me snooping around while my male travel companions stayed in line. I was trying to understand how to order because they were speaking in quick mandarin and my mandarin is so rusty! When we finally had to ordered he gave me a free sample of the roast chicken – it was super delicious! 😀

Singapore trip off to a good start – this premium chashao noodle set cost only 11$! It tastes different from all the similar looking chashao in Ongpin I have tried – and believe me I’ve tried a lot of chinese food in my life!

Gardens by the bay – how odd that I’ve never visited this place before in my past trips to SG!


Always ready to travel 😀

An inspiration for painting

How I wish our McDonald’s have the chicken wrap and milkshake. 🙁
All smiles despite having only a few hours of sleep!
The mighty Marina Bay and the sunset!
Honestly thought I’d lose my mind in Sephora – thank you self-control!

I was looking for the Moonshot BlackPink balm cushion but they didn’t have it. I was thisclose to getting a Bigbang hand cream and that GD mask so that I’ll be half as fab as GD hahaha!

Another one of my face Korean brand! I love their lipsticks!

I had to exercise a lot of self-control in Sephora but I still bought the Benefit Hoola Bronzer I’ve been eyeing for so long and some face masks for friends. Next time I’ll get another lippie from 3CE.

One of the many highlights for this trip is meeting up with college friends who are now live in this beautiful city. They were kind enough to recommend a good place for dinner and I was able to taste new and delicious food only in Singapore!

Chicken rice is, of course, highly recommended!
Shrimp roll
Roasted chicken
Good food makes me happy
Thanks John for the dinner and company!
My second dinner with friends brought me to Orchard Road’s Pacific Plaza to eat at Tsuta Ramen, a Michelin star restaurant.
Ramen with Truffle Oil – Yum!

Met Elisa Choi Ang of harmonythoughts.com who is now an artist based in Singapore. She is my friend’s sister and even though we’ve chatted online for years, we’ve never really met in person until now! She was working for an IT company before decided to leave it all to pursue her real passion which is art! If that doesn’t sound inspiring, I don’t know what is. And of course, John tagged along too since him and Elisa were classmates since highschool.

On our last day before the flight, we headed to Chinatown.

I really love this picture of Chinatown when it was still peaceful and not crowded.

Finally spotted a seal engraver in Chinatown, I had one made with my chinese name but it kinda it looks a little wonky? I should have chosen a bigger seal! Oh well.

Thanks for stopping by to read my short Singapore trip! 🙂

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      Hopefully there’ll be more trips to come because I badly need a break from the terrible Manila commute! Hahaha! Nakaka-refresh talaga magpunta sa ibang bansa! 😀

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