Lucky to have a holiday after such a hectic week. As usual I spent my time hanging around my favorite corner, while there is still natural light pouring in through the windows. I’ve had this small table for ages, which I bought for only 499 pesos in CDR King. You’ve probably recognize it as the table I use for all my IG posts and even my attempt in filming for my Youtube channel.

Sometimes I take self-portraits because I like to document my creative journey and this part of my life where I feel most alive. I’d like to remember this moment – the tranquility and content – of just spending my time painting.

Unfortunately, I only took pictures of my back facing the camera. I like this angle because it shows a little more of my room and my precious windows. Honestly I look weird when I face the camera hahaha.

After almost an entire day, I finished it. *congrats self* My personal pieces are under-appreciated but I love them and will continue to make them. Hope you enjoy the closeup shots below!

I was feeling down so I drew black birds with my florals. It’s my first time to draw ravens – but people think they look more like crows hahaha!

Bonus: Here’s my cat who always watches over me when I paint. Another reason to be happy, her tumor is now smaller and one disappeared. We don’t know how that happened but we’ll keep on observing and visiting the vet for check-ups.

Looking at her is a reminder of the many blessings I have in my life, sometimes I forget to be grateful and this post serves to remind me that I am living a good life, not perfect but it’s all good.

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