I signed up on Drawing Fundamentals II and III with arthubmnl, which is a group of talented individuals and artists who studied the Fine Arts – which was my dream course in college. I really love drawing above all else since this is the most basic way to express yourself. I want to study how great artists become great and be inspired by them.

Deciding to take this class I had to consider the trip to Ortigas which is the land of unknown and far far away for me. I had to negotiate my mom to bring me to Ayala station so I can take the MRT since it was Sunday and Uber was suspended during this time (what a great timing ne?).

Photos are all taken from arthubmnl.

It was also nice to feel like a student again! I remember being a talkative and lively student, and I guess some things never change. Hahaha. It also helped that the atmosphere was inviting and friendly. We all felt like friends hanging out and talking about art and drawing.

Probably the only disappointment is the food in the venue. The lasagna I ordered on the first class was all cheesy sauce and only a few layers of pasta, plus it was cold! On the second class I steered clear of the pasta and chose a chicken fillet worth 285 php (which I halved with my classmate coz it looked a lot) but then they shrunk after cooking and we only got about 8 bits of chicken left for each. However the people in the resto were very accommodating in supplying us water all throughout the class haha.

Why I chose this grandma was the subject of my last drawing – I’ll never know. I guess I wanted to do something I’ve never done before? Draw wrinkles??

Drawing level up – achieved! 😀

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