Last June 19 I received a message in my carousell account from a staff about decluttering my space in a collaborative video with Winnie Wong a.k.a Penelope Pop. I was shocked and for the most part thought it was some sort of hoax…even though the sender was the Carousell account itself.

I’m a fan of Winnie Wong and love her series of How to be Basic in IG (if you haven’t watched it, you gotta!!!). It was through her video that I got to know carousell and how I can sell some of my unused and preloved stuff there.

So I took at shot and replied ok (it took a lot of convincing from my mom since it was a work day and they wanted the shoot on Thursday, just 3 days left to prepare). I had to send some pics of my room, my drawers and my current art space – since these were the only areas I was comfortable in sharing in a video.

Anyways, on the day of the shoot, a large van parked in front of the house and I was greeted by the marketing team of Carousell and also Winnie. They were so nice and chill – all my anxiousness faded away. And surprise surprise they bought me furniture and organisers!

The team proceeded to my room to assess my art space and film the current state so we can do a reveal later on. They first attacked my massive grey drawer which I remember getting on sale in SM. It housed all my art materials, papers, all the accumulated stuff I got from events/brands, all the used and unused sketchbooks, numerous pencil cases and most importantly, my completed artworks.

The process, as said by Winnie, is to sort through all the things and figure out which ones to keep, sell, donate and throw. I know I’m not much of a hoarder but when we took out all the things that were inside each drawer – man they were a lot! And they were also messy. My completed artworks were in different folders, my workshop lesson plans were in seperate plastic envelopes, my merch are here and there…I’m not a neat freak but I do want to be more organised.

To ease the pain of letting go of my old things, the carousell team made sure I have new containers to put in all the stuff I wanted to keep. Winnie was the one that selected everything and I like how she thought things through, being an artist herself. She chose a long desk for me with drawers to put in my watercolor paper, a mid-height shelf where all my artworks, sketchpads and art books are now neatly arranged, glass containers for my brushes and pens and metal baskets where all my large paint tubes, palettes and whatnots. The new organisers made my stuff easily accessible and visible to me. They even purchased frames to hang my artworks on the wall – something I’ve been planning to do but never got around to doing! My favorite item would be the wooden pillbox where all my paint tubes went and Winnie sorted them by color so I won’t have a hard time looking for them. Truly a dream makeover!

I don’t know how many times I said thank you to the carousell team and to Winnie for decluttering and fixing my place. I’m super inspired to paint now!!! And I will strive to keep this space clean and organised, just the well they left it. There’s nothing left to let go in my art space but I’m pretty sure some of our rooms are in terrible need of decluttering, and with that I am on a mission to start OUR (coz I’m including the fam bam here) road to minimalism!

Check out Penelope Pop’s Youtube video result of this collaboration! Thank you again Carousell team and Winnie! 😀


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