After my trip to the UK it’s been a whirlwind of art commissions and projects. If there is one thing I don’t mind being busy with, it’s painting and drawing. I’m posting this to remind myself of the euphoric feeling in seeing my works come together. These were allĀ sent to the respective clients so I don’t have a copy anymore; this post will be my memories of them.

This was actually rejected by the client so I had to redo it. It’s exclusive to them so I could not post the full and final work in my accounts. Maybe one day it’ll see the light. šŸ™‚
Client work for a seamless pattern for baby blankets. Each flower is painted in great detail before laid out to digitalise them.


My ipad and apple pen finally came to use! So much fun to use Procreate! I learned how to do a seamless pattern in Skillshare. šŸ˜€
A litter of cute puppies that were immortalized by their owner in a painting. One of the puppies died so he wanted to remember them all together. *cue crying* This was my last Arches paper that I kept for commissions. I always get excited when I paint on Arches. The paper’s texture is just super beautiful, the paint just appears so vivid you can diffuse and lift without any problems. *sigh*Ā  šŸ˜€
A lovely Marsala and Hydrangea design for some bridesmaid pouches. Done for my friend’s wedding. I’m happy to own one of the pouches hehehe.
Another wedding commission this time designs for the invite. The color scheme is very pretty – emerald green and lots of pinks. I made the illustrations for the cover, page details and the back portion of the invite.Ā 


When I first began painting I never thought about getting commissions much less this many for two months. I always thought I’d be painting for myself and have a room full of my artworks (decluttering the pile of papers from time to time). It feels different to make art for others andĀ receive positive responsesĀ – it makes me super happy and fulfilled. And also really scared that one day nobody will like my art anymore. It’s the pessimism in me that resurfaces when good things happen. I cannot help itĀ but I’m working to be better in not letting it get to me. Anyways, going back to commissions…

I also appreciate the fact that the clients were ok with my time schedule. Naturally I did not accept all of these at the same time so I had to negotiate if they are willing to wait for me to finish my initial commitments before I start on their project. In making a schedule of my commissions I make sure to give myself ample time, and also consider my full-time work. I learned a lot in time management, negotiating prices, checking the terms and conditions and dealing with payments.Ā  Compared to how I deal with clients before, these sets of projects were less stressful and the end result is that both parties and happy.

We are now down to the last 3 months of 2018!! I have so much stuff coming up, plus two workshops, that thinking about them is making me anxious/excited/scared/nervous. But I’ll get through it….one artwork at a time.

Bye for now,


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