Thank you Toni, Clang and Candice for the trip! We will forever remember this!

I was really looking forward to 2019 because my friends and I planned a short getaway to HongKong. This was somewhat like a bachelorette / mini-vacation for my friend Candice who had her wedding last March. Funny thing is that we were anticipating a cold weather because it is technically still winter in January in HongKong, but we were disappointed to find that it was pretty hot already. I was recovering from a cold (yes after my face accident, I caught a cold!) so I still wore Heat Tech and heavy tops.

It was an understatement to say how excited and happy I was that this trip pushed through. I’ve known this girls for a long time. We met as freshly minted graduates in an IT company. Our struggles adjusting to the corporate life, dealing with office politics, the pressure and the misadventures in fulfilling our demanding tasks solidified our friendship even after most of us have moved on to different companies. I’m always excited to catch-up with these gals.


Looking for a place to eat because we were starving! But selfie first!

Found IKEA and I wanted to bring home the trolleys!

Delicious meat balls from IKEA.

Finally some proper food!

Tita mode is fully on – we wanted food with lots of veggies as much as possible lol

I just had to eat Cremia soft served ice cream every time I see it. I usually spot it in Japan but now it’s in HongKong??? Super delicious!

We visited HongKong Disneyland which was our top priority for the trip. I think what could have made it perfect is the weather. We really wished it was cooler. We went to several attractions but didn’t try any death-defying ride. While we rested our aching feet (we joke this was our peak tita level) we surprised Candice with the tried and true game of “How well do you know the groom?”. It pretty cute and low-key which suits our group since we are not the type to host a party/risquΓ© bachelorette.

The trip mostly consisted of walking, exploring and trying different food and milk tea. After a long day we would unwind by watching Ted Bundy in Netflix (our AirBnB has an account apparently) and come up with our own analysis on the killer while munching on Lay’s. Sometimes I wonder how a friendship changes when you travel. You get to know more about a person; who is an early riser, who takes the longest in the bathroom, who needs more time dressing up, etc… I found myself cataloging the little things I observed because I want to get to know my friends even more.

We took loads of photos and I even recorded some videos which I wanted to compile into a vlog but mid-way through the trip I was like “Screw this. Let me enjoy my quality time with my friends.” I still find myself laughing at the clips whenever I see them in my album.

Disneyland – it’s been years since I visited!
Struggling to keep our eyes open hahaha
It was super hot that day!
Need. Iced. Coffee.
I was super happy to get some caramel popcorn! I remember my mom wanting to bring home because they were sweet and delicious! Made me thirsty though!
Still burning under the sun.

Enjoyed the IronMan experience!
Honestly melting under that fleece jacket but at least it has a hood to over some protection against the sun! Maybe I should have bought a hat like my friends hahaha…

Such lovely pork buns! We ate our dinner in a hurry so we can catch a nice spot for the night parade.

Next day after Disneyland, we went on a hunt for authentic dimsum. πŸ˜€
We tried Dim Dim Sum which offered really good variety of dimsums. Too bad they didn’t serve water! Or maybe we just don’t know how to order hahahaha
Very hungry. We actually got lost while looking for the place. πŸ˜€
And then finally, we found Tiger Sugar which Clang said we must try! I actually like the sweetness and the soft bobba (the black pearls).
Hi little cutie πŸ˜€

The cat lady in me is happy. Didn’t buy anything though because it’s hard to pack them!
Last day. Heading to the airport.
We don’t look happy going back to our regular lives. hahahaha
Beautiful balcony eating area. The weather was pretty cool (finally) so it was a nice place to sit and eat burgers.
We had to apologize to Candice because she had to go on a strict diet after the trip so she can fit her wedding gown. πŸ˜€
The milk shake is divine!!
Cheers ladies!! πŸ˜€
Still eating in the plane. Candice and I were late to board because we were still shopping lol! Toni had to page us (which we didn’t hear)!
Bye Hongkong! Until we meet again! πŸ™‚

After 2 months, here’s our group in Candice’s wedding.

We were dubbed as the Chinese mafia: Clang, Toni, Yanni and Ema. Missing the bride…
Going down the elevator with the beautiful bride!!! Congratulations again! πŸ˜€

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