Never in a million years do I think I will be speaking about being an artist. Maybe give a talk about project management or agile or scrum master-ing I could envision myself standing in an auditorium in front of hundreds of working professionals. But I told myself I don’t have anything to say as an artist. Because I am not working on art full-time, nor did I study any form of art discipline. It would be laughable for me to talk about “How I made it” when I have no idea what I’m doing most of the time.

But 2019 seems to be a year of changes for me – I blame my face-smashing accident still – and I was invited to be a speaker for a company event. As an artist. 

And knowing that this will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I accepted the invite. We were tasked to make a presentation for around 50 minutes, leaving some time for Q&A and I was asked to make an art piece to be raffled of to one of the audience member.

I’m also very proud to say that I am the only woman among the roster of speakers. 😀

With my fellow speakers. I’m super shy to be included here because they just exude so much talent. Hahahaha! From L-R: Lei Melendres (@leimelendres), Vincent Aseo (@vincentaseo), Me, Personiv Director (sorry I’m bad with names!), Ardie Aquino (@chikidoodledoo), Rens Tuzon (@renstuzon), Jun Almarines (@junalmarines)Check out their IG profiles so that you understand the level of talent I am talking about. I also listened attentively during their talk and found myself relating much to what they are experiencing or have experienced. All of us seems to have gone through different kinds of journey before ending where we are. It’s all about perseverance, our love for the craft and adapting to the world we live in now.

They gave each audience member a booklet and after the talk we got a chance to sign them for the meet & greet.

What completed the magic of the design talk was the energy of the Personiv audience. I remember seeing friendly and supportive faces which gave me strength and courage during the event. It made me feel at ease despite being alone; not the first time I thank my work for making me comfortable talking to strangers.

Ordered these postcards to sell in the design talk but they were all sold prior to the event. The stickers were a collab with StickerApp (the quality is superb!).  I was floored! ^___^

I was the only artist with a booth to sell stuff and I’m glad that someone from the company volunteered to man the booth while I prepare for the talk. I was touched by his helpfulness. When I thought the day couldn’t get any better I managed to sell additional merch during the event! My entrepreneur heart is happy! 😀

Still can’t believe I did this. One day I’ll look back at this blog and relive that feeling. 🙂

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