Carla is a full-time project delivery manager and certified scrum master working for an international company. Outside of work, she love keeping busy with her various art projects. She spends her off days painting with watercolor, gouache and sketching. Her artworks feature colorful and whimsical floral illustrations that have become her signature works to date. Carla is also passionate about teaching and advocating art as a form of therapy. Carla is a believer that a full-time job is not a hindrance for a person to enjoy art and pursue their passion.

Carla has been invited to conduct workshops, event demos, product reviews and collaborations by brands and companies such as Faber-Castell, Japan Turner Paints, Escoda Brushes, Tattumundo and Carousell PH. She has also been sponsored by SkillShare in 2018.

Carla loves travelling, coffee and playing with her cat.

You can find more about Carla and her works in her various social media channels.

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