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    SM Stationery Art Fest 2018

    I had a brilliant time at the SM Stationery Art Fest Launch last May 9, 2018. The launch gave us a taste of what activities we can expect on May 12-13 for all those who will join the event! Several of the countries most loved brands were there to showcase their products and they have booths where you can try your hand at drawing, calligraphy, painting and even slime making! Ballpens – you can never have enough!! Pilot also introduced us to erasable highlighters (not pictured) which blew our minds. Why didn’t we have this when we were at school? There were also a lot of workshops your favorite local…

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    Getting back into writing

    Hi everyone who has ever visited this space in the internet. I have no excuses why I stopped taking care of this website – maybe because the pictures on my old posts are disappearing for some reason (it’s like Thanos affected them) or because I am no longer happy with the layout (shame on this useless IT professional) – but I think it’s time to get back to writing. I still want to record my thoughts and funny experiences in this blog, no matter that I don’t plug it in my Instagram. Writing, like painting, is something you do for you.

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    Recap: January 2018

    Hello 2018! I went from blogging every month to not updating for two months! Hope you bear with me on this very lengthy update. Last December I had two trips to Japan – one with my friend to watch Bigbang’s Last Dance Concert and the other one with my family. When I started my official leave from work I just wanted to spend quality time with my family and friends. Leaves are precious when you are an employee so I really aimed to get my much-needed rest and relaxation. I still painted of course, and even brought my Escoda  watercolorbook and brushes (thank you Escoda family!) to Japan! I’m not…

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    October Workshops And Suggestions for Artists Planning a Workshop

    I had a back-to-back art workshop at Art in Aura last October. I don’t know what came over me to schedule workshops for the weekends, as if holding one workshop wasn’t a challenge enough! Looking back, I was pretty stressed out about it (talking to so many people reminded me of my management trainee days), given once again it decided to rain very hard (why the typhoon just happens to hit Manila when I have a workshop is a mystery….). Before diving into the workshop pictures, I’d take this opportunity to write about what goes on when I decide to have a workshop.  If you are just interested in seeing…

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    Art in Aura: Realistic Florals Watercolor Workshop

    I was invited by SM Aura to conduct a watercolor workshop last August 26, as part of their Art in Aura campaign, and since BGC is a place I haven’t put up a workshop yet I immediately said yes! There are also artists’ booths selling merchandise around the area. Art in Aura happens every weekend and artists are encouraged to join! There was supposedly a storm coming that day so inside of using the Providore Backyard as the venue, we were relocated inside the mall – which was a blessing because of the aircon!! A bunch of kids playing with my Prang before the workshop started. Know any kids that like…

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    Drawing Fundamentals Class

      I signed up on Drawing Fundamentals II and III with arthubmnl, which is a group of talented individuals and artists who studied the Fine Arts – which was my dream course in college. I really love drawing above all else since this is the most basic way to express yourself. I want to study how great artists become great and be inspired by them. Deciding to take this class I had to consider the trip to Ortigas which is the land of unknown and far far away for me. I had to negotiate my mom to bring me to Ayala station so I can take the MRT since it…

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    Those I Hold Dear

    Lucky to have a holiday after such a hectic week. As usual I spent my time hanging around my favorite corner, while there is still natural light pouring in through the windows. I’ve had this small table for ages, which I bought for only 499 pesos in CDR King. You’ve probably recognize it as the table I use for all my IG posts and even my attempt in filming for my Youtube channel. Sometimes I take self-portraits because I like to document my creative journey and this part of my life where I feel most alive. I’d like to remember this moment – the tranquility and content – of just spending…

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    July Watercolor Workshops

    July had been my busiest month yet with a short business trip to Singapore plus several workshops booked just right after the trip. I thought I was going to expire due to exhaustion but thankfully, I’m still alive and very happy that I pushed through with all the commitments. I managed to finish all my workshop preparations (shout out to Candice Amoranto who nicely printed my notes for me – you’re my savior!) before I head to Singapore so that really helped in keeping me calm during the trip. Honestly I was feeling very shy to hold a workshop at the office – especially having my colleagues as my students.…

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    Travel Diary: Singapore 2017

    Our team was fortunate enough to attend the Global Scrum Gathering in Singapore last July 17-19. It was held at the Grand Copthrone Waterfront hotel which was really fancy and lovely. Of course, you’d be more interested in what we did during our free time and also where we ate! Singapore has a lot of delicious food to savorn and I don’t want to miss out! We didn’t waste time in the hotel and explored the nearby Tiong Bahru complex where there’s a floor filled with hawker stalls – something they are very famous for. The chinese stall owner caught me snooping around while my male travel companions stayed in line.…

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    Shelved Wishes

    Shelved Wishes is the introductory collaborative project of five talented and inspiring Filipino artists – Raine Sarmiento, Borg Sinaban, Rex Dasig Aguilar, Kevin Roque, and Sab Palmares. These artists make artworks for gallery exhibitions, hotels and restaurants, magazines, newspapers and books, of which some were awarded by local government institutions, and were featured on print and digital media—both in the country and abroad. Hearing from Raine the idea behind Shelved Wishes – childhood dreams coming to life through various mediums – I couldn’t help but be in awe and remember my own childhood dreams and reflect upon it. If I would be painting a picture of my childhood dream it would probably be entering another universe since…