Recap: January 2018

Hello 2018!

Hello blog – I’m still alive! Pictured here is one of my commissions completed this January.

I went from blogging every month to not updating for two months! Hope you bear with me on this very lengthy update. Last December I had two trips to Japan – one with my friend to watch Bigbang’s Last Dance Concert and the other one with my family. When I started my official leave from work I just wanted to spend quality time with my family and friends. Leaves are precious when you are an employee so I really aimed to get my much-needed rest and relaxation. I still painted of course, and even brought my Escoda  watercolorbook and brushes (thank you Escoda family!) to Japan!

I’m not sure if I will be writing a lengthier post about my Japan travel with my family. But I do have a vlog from my early December Japan trip with my friend Nikka since it was my first ever out of town trip with a friend. Feel free to watch our crazy antics and of course, subscribe to my channel! 😀

I used my Escoda Watercolor sketchbook to capture scenes from my Japan travel. Mt. Fuji greeted us every morning from our hotel window. What I would give to see that beautiful scene again.
Mt. Fuji. We stayed at the Cerulean Tokyo Tower in Shibuya.

Now it’s the new year and this is what greeted me – a mountain of work!!! And I also colds and allergies. 🙁 It was not a good start of the year (health-wise). Still, one must get up each day to face the world (runny nose and all).

For what I’ve been up in my art life (probably the only exciting part of my existence tbh) well, it’s going to be a long one (so grab a coffee or tea). Here goes-

I had my first watercolor workshop last Jan 27 – and I was grateful that I hit my quota of student early on. Surreal. Teaching is really so much fun so even though workshops take a lot of planning and effort it’s something I keep going back to. I like breaking down my process so I can help others understand how to paint. With workshops I also get to learn a lot from my students. I’m going to keep doing workshops this year, just as long as I don’t get sick from overworking myself (My mom is freaking out over my poor health). I hope to do more YouTube tutorials too.

We had two topics – cotton stalk and roses for this workshop. My next workshop is on Feb 17 and that one tackles sunflowers and peony. 🙂
My students are super fast learners!!!

I also had a number of commissions that I was happy and proud of. My clients were so understanding of my schedule since I am not a full-time artist (yet hahahaha). I put a lot of effort in each one and spent numerous late nights painting (side note: I need to find a good eye cream). When I get acknowledgement from my clients that they love the painting all my tiredness disappear! If I can say thank you (with heart emoji eyes) a thousand times I will.

Love making these cotton stalk studies. My client will be putting them up on her study. I think they’ll look so calming as decors!!!
A client from Singapore requested this scene where she and her fiance spent their new year inside a comfort taxi while watching fireworks over The Shoppes at Marina Bay. It was challenging but I wanted to do justice to her story by capturing all the important elements in the painting.

My temporary floral tattu design for Tattumundo also launched last year and I love how it turned out! I like dainty and inconspicuous looking designs (at least for tattu) so these are perfect! Tattumundo have them up on their website and they ship internationally!  There are also other designs from badass artists and legit designers so go check them out.

I love the tattu sheet. It does not come of as tacky and the print stayed true to the colors of my painting!

Lastly, I teamed up once again with Faber-castell to demo their new GoldFaber watercolor pencils for the NBS Words and Letter event in Shangrila Plaza. Only the love of Faber-Castell and their pencils will get this person to the north by commute. The event was super jampacked that I didn’t get to sit in their booth to do a pre-demo. Though I am pretty comfortable with public speaking (chalk it up with previous experiences of project reporting to top management) I still felt nervous. The demo went great and I realized that the technique is really to keep talking. Like non-stop. I talked about everything I can think of that would be interesting: Goldfaber (duh), paper, colors, waterbrush, Goldfaber, flower arrangement, coloring, Goldfaber. And I was silently praying not to let out a cough for 30 minutes.

Thank you to everyone who came by to support me! Some even left me messages in IG that they went to the event just to catch my demo – thank you!!!

Thank you again to Faber-Castell for inviting me to talk about your products and for sending me my very own Goldfaber Aqua watercolor pencils! 😀

With all these happening in just a month I am just so grateful for my support system for understanding why I am almost always busy (and sick). I am not planning to go full-time anytime soon but I have to keep learning to balance the areas of my life that I value. And a healthy mind and body is top priority. 🙂



October Workshops And Suggestions for Artists Planning a Workshop

I had a back-to-back art workshop at Art in Aura last October. I don’t know what came over me to schedule workshops for the weekends, as if holding one workshop wasn’t a challenge enough! Looking back, I was pretty stressed out about it (talking to so many people reminded me of my management trainee days), given once again it decided to rain very hard (why the typhoon just happens to hit Manila when I have a workshop is a mystery….).

This is one of my favorite painting haha. Done in my beloved and overused Prang.
Wrong spelling hahaha but it was circulated in IG before I had a chance to correct it. >.<

Before diving into the workshop pictures, I’d take this opportunity to write about what goes on when I decide to have a workshop.  If you are just interested in seeing the pictures, feel free to skip the succeeding paragraphs!

Setting up a workshop takes a lot of work and I’ve been doing it almost for each month this year – this is part of my “artist” goal if you could call it that (I feel embarrassed calling myself an artist because there are real artists out there). I’m not exactly a positive-thinking-rainbows-and-unicorns kind of person either – more of the opposite. But I like to think of ideas and execute them. (Later on, I’d lament on the many little things I could have done better to make things perfect.) I want to keep pursuing something beyond the confines of the traditional office (it gets deathly boring in front of the computer and I finish up my work pretty quickly). I want to inspire others and ignite their passion in painting as I firmly believed that art and painting led me to a much more peaceful state. You don’t have to be the best painter, but you feel happy knowing you created something for yourself.

Anyways, I have default topics for workshops – Beginners Watercolor, Florals and Portraits. I really like Florals and Beginners Watercolor which I’ve done several times this year. Sadly my portrait took a back seat and when I do portraits now I cringe at my work – buuuut I resolve to practice! After choosing a topic, I’d make my pricing/supplier management if needed. Then I have to decide on a date to announce it. I was advised to put my workshops on the week when people have their pay – higher chance of people actually paying! But I find that it doesn’t really work that way, when people want to learn from you, they find a way to pay. Heck, I even had people pay months in advance just to confirm their slot. I create an Event in my Facebook page with a date, some workshop info and a link to Google forms should they want to register. I like making an Early Bird rate to encourage people to register early – this is especially important if you plan to order bulk items with discount from suppliers. Art materials suppliers offer discounts with 10 items or more so of course you need to shell out money first and pray that you get 10 students or more. But if you plan to hold several workshops in the future, I’m sure you’ll be able to get the ROI from those cost.

Does it matter if there is an inclusive materials or not for the workshop? Yes, if you plan to include materials in your workshop, make sure you get the eye-catching and artist grade brands like Sennelier, Holbein, ShinHan, etc… People will always ask me – “What are the materials included?” Before I used to get Prang as the material (it’s still one of my fave honestly!) but now people want paint which they don’t have. And that goes the same with brushes. Most likely the people enrolling workshops these days already have materials – and they are even better than yours hahaha! The number of times I drooled at a student’s watercolor set and brush!!! I would suggest to offer an option with materials and without materials. 🙂

When it comes to tie-ups there’s a lot of coordination happening on the week of the workshop. Especially when the weather decides not to cooperate. I had to request to Art in Aura for the workshops to be moved indoors due to the rain and I take it it was difficult to get permission to set up inside the mall, plus getting plastic tables and chairs. I would suggest to approach cafes for any workshop packages. You can include food in your workshop too as a way to payback the use of the space. I find that people get hungry after concentrating for so long in their painting. Especially if you teach kids. I also bring some candies and chocolates and put them in the center of the table so people can nibble while they paint. It creates a nice and relaxing atmosphere.

Of course while doing all of these, I’m also prepping the lesson plan and taking notes of what I wish to impart to my students. I am more or less more drawn to teaching my process (since I am self-taught) after tackling the basics of watercolor. It is easy enough to know wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry techniques but how to approach a certain painting? Where to start? What to add? Should you stop adding? What color to make it pop? I don’t know how others teach watercolor, but this is just what I find useful to share. 🙂

Now on to the photos of my workshops. I have more photos of the Watercolor for Beginners (coz I have kind a sponsor like Faber-Castell and my friend, Toni, who took photos!) than the Graphite Portrait one.

Such a beautiful venue – we are inside the mall! And tucked in a peaceful corner! Thank you SM Aura!
Watercolor for Beginners was sponsored by Faber-Castell. They provided the materials for use during the event and gave me my own Connector Paints to use! *cries* I’m so touched!
Workshop was overbooked! Thank you again for the support!

A lot of familiar faces also dropped by and took photos of me. Thank you. Do I look masungit (mean) when I teach?
Class picture! 😀

Then on the next day, I had my Graphite Portrait workshop. This is the first ever kind of workshop I did and I just had an idea of wanting to teach portrait with a twist. And those that follow me in Instagram know how I love my Artgraf Viarco watersoluble graphite pan so this was the highlight of the workshop!

Enjoying a nice cup of flat white at Providore Backyard before the workshop.
It was a little weird teaching in the middle of the restaurant (people in the nearby table kept giving us weird looks) but it was a lot better than getting soaked in the rain!
Plus, we can order coffee and snacks too! Thanks Providore Backyard!

These are the last workshops for the yearrr!!! For these last two months of 2017 I’m working on my merchandise – if you haven’t followed it yet, check out Hanamiph, where I handpaint pouches, notebooks and sell my floral designs in notebooks, postcards and art prints! Perfect for Christmas gifts and/or giveaways! 😀

Next year, I’ll be back to teaching and I hope to see familiar faces in class. Cheers! 😉


Art in Aura: Realistic Florals Watercolor Workshop

I was invited by SM Aura to conduct a watercolor workshop last August 26, as part of their Art in Aura campaign, and since BGC is a place I haven’t put up a workshop yet I immediately said yes!

There are also artists’ booths selling merchandise around the area. Art in Aura happens every weekend and artists are encouraged to join!

There was supposedly a storm coming that day so inside of using the Providore Backyard as the venue, we were relocated inside the mall – which was a blessing because of the aircon!!

A bunch of kids playing with my Prang before the workshop started. Know any kids that like to paint? I can hold private workshops for kids ages 8 to 12 years old!

A lovely single rose made by my student. 😀

Output of the painting demo.

How lovely is the workshop venue that’s located near your fave stores like Stradivarius and UNQLO? 🙂

Thanks again my dear students – I had a blast teaching you and seeing how much you improved in your IG posts! And thank you SM Aura Premier for inviting me!

I’m doing a new type of workshop also in Art in Aura come October 15 (Sunday). If you wish to learn the basic of portrait drawing and painting faces in graphite, then join my Graphite Portrait Painting Workshop! The material to be used here is the Viarvo Art Graf watercolor graphite – it’s a perfect/no-fuss medium for monochrome work.

The fee includes the Art Graf, as well as a handy Raphael brush and Fabriano sheets.

If you’re interested, click here to register. Early bird rate ends on Sept 23.


Drawing Fundamentals Class


I signed up on Drawing Fundamentals II and III with arthubmnl, which is a group of talented individuals and artists who studied the Fine Arts – which was my dream course in college. I really love drawing above all else since this is the most basic way to express yourself. I want to study how great artists become great and be inspired by them.

Deciding to take this class I had to consider the trip to Ortigas which is the land of unknown and far far away for me. I had to negotiate my mom to bring me to Ayala station so I can take the MRT since it was Sunday and Uber was suspended during this time (what a great timing ne?).

Photos are all taken from arthubmnl.

It was also nice to feel like a student again! I remember being a talkative and lively student, and I guess some things never change. Hahaha. It also helped that the atmosphere was inviting and friendly. We all felt like friends hanging out and talking about art and drawing.

Probably the only disappointment is the food in the venue. The lasagna I ordered on the first class was all cheesy sauce and only a few layers of pasta, plus it was cold! On the second class I steered clear of the pasta and chose a chicken fillet worth 285 php (which I halved with my classmate coz it looked a lot) but then they shrunk after cooking and we only got about 8 bits of chicken left for each. However the people in the resto were very accommodating in supplying us water all throughout the class haha.

Why I chose this grandma was the subject of my last drawing – I’ll never know. I guess I wanted to do something I’ve never done before? Draw wrinkles??

Drawing level up – achieved! 😀

Those I Hold Dear

Lucky to have a holiday after such a hectic week. As usual I spent my time hanging around my favorite corner, while there is still natural light pouring in through the windows. I’ve had this small table for ages, which I bought for only 499 pesos in CDR King. You’ve probably recognize it as the table I use for all my IG posts and even my attempt in filming for my Youtube channel.

Sometimes I take self-portraits because I like to document my creative journey and this part of my life where I feel most alive. I’d like to remember this moment – the tranquility and content – of just spending my time painting.

Unfortunately, I only took pictures of my back facing the camera. I like this angle because it shows a little more of my room and my precious windows. Honestly I look weird when I face the camera hahaha.

After almost an entire day, I finished it. *congrats self* My personal pieces are under-appreciated but I love them and will continue to make them. Hope you enjoy the closeup shots below!

I was feeling down so I drew black birds with my florals. It’s my first time to draw ravens – but people think they look more like crows hahaha!

Bonus: Here’s my cat who always watches over me when I paint. Another reason to be happy, her tumor is now smaller and one disappeared. We don’t know how that happened but we’ll keep on observing and visiting the vet for check-ups.

Looking at her is a reminder of the many blessings I have in my life, sometimes I forget to be grateful and this post serves to remind me that I am living a good life, not perfect but it’s all good.

Thanks for reading!



July Watercolor Workshops

July had been my busiest month yet with a short business trip to Singapore plus several workshops booked just right after the trip. I thought I was going to expire due to exhaustion but thankfully, I’m still alive and very happy that I pushed through with all the commitments. I managed to finish all my workshop preparations (shout out to Candice Amoranto who nicely printed my notes for me – you’re my savior!) before I head to Singapore so that really helped in keeping me calm during the trip.

HR has approached me to conduct a watercolor workshop for beginners – this might not be the last so definitely something to look forward to!

Honestly I was feeling very shy to hold a workshop at the office – especially having my colleagues as my students.

HR said they had loads of fun and since we still have Sennelier paints they are waiting for my go signal to schedule the next batch of workshops! (I need to complete all my pending commissions first. >.<)

After a couple of days, I held my much anticipated (at least for me) Realistic Florals Watercolor workshop in Makati. I was sincerely overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the participants and I didn’t encounter anybody in the registration/payment process that gave me a headache (which is what all artists pray for).

Yummy panini and sandwiches – Thank you Plaza Cafe!

The weather was awful that day and the lights even went out for a few seconds but everyone was so focus on painting we finished around 6:30PM! Overtime!


Lastly, I met Regina last Saturday for a private session of the same class.

All art materials are care of – thank you for accommodating all my workshops needs! Students love everything!

If your interested in my workshops, I have another one scheduled for Art in Aura on August 26. Register here.

Thank you to my students who tagged me in Instagram with their works.

Travel Diary: Singapore 2017

Our team was fortunate enough to attend the Global Scrum Gathering in Singapore last July 17-19. It was held at the Grand Copthrone Waterfront hotel which was really fancy and lovely. Of course, you’d be more interested in what we did during our free time and also where we ate! Singapore has a lot of delicious food to savorn and I don’t want to miss out!

We stayed in Hotel Nostalgia along Tiong Bahru road – a good 10 minute walk to the conference!
The interiors were old-fashioned and I had a hard time with yellow light. But it fits the name of the hotel.

We didn’t waste time in the hotel and explored the nearby Tiong Bahru complex where there’s a floor filled with hawker stalls – something they are very famous for.

This stall caught our attention for having one of the longest line. Despite our hunger we stayed in line just so we can taste the food.

The chinese stall owner caught me snooping around while my male travel companions stayed in line. I was trying to understand how to order because they were speaking in quick mandarin and my mandarin is so rusty! When we finally had to ordered he gave me a free sample of the roast chicken – it was super delicious! 😀

Singapore trip off to a good start – this premium chashao noodle set cost only 11$! It tastes different from all the similar looking chashao in Ongpin I have tried – and believe me I’ve tried a lot of chinese food in my life!

Gardens by the bay – how odd that I’ve never visited this place before in my past trips to SG!


Always ready to travel 😀

An inspiration for painting

How I wish our McDonald’s have the chicken wrap and milkshake. 🙁
All smiles despite having only a few hours of sleep!
The mighty Marina Bay and the sunset!
Honestly thought I’d lose my mind in Sephora – thank you self-control!

I was looking for the Moonshot BlackPink balm cushion but they didn’t have it. I was thisclose to getting a Bigbang hand cream and that GD mask so that I’ll be half as fab as GD hahaha!

Another one of my face Korean brand! I love their lipsticks!

I had to exercise a lot of self-control in Sephora but I still bought the Benefit Hoola Bronzer I’ve been eyeing for so long and some face masks for friends. Next time I’ll get another lippie from 3CE.

One of the many highlights for this trip is meeting up with college friends who are now live in this beautiful city. They were kind enough to recommend a good place for dinner and I was able to taste new and delicious food only in Singapore!

Chicken rice is, of course, highly recommended!
Shrimp roll
Roasted chicken
Good food makes me happy
Thanks John for the dinner and company!
My second dinner with friends brought me to Orchard Road’s Pacific Plaza to eat at Tsuta Ramen, a Michelin star restaurant.
Ramen with Truffle Oil – Yum!

Met Elisa Choi Ang of who is now an artist based in Singapore. She is my friend’s sister and even though we’ve chatted online for years, we’ve never really met in person until now! She was working for an IT company before decided to leave it all to pursue her real passion which is art! If that doesn’t sound inspiring, I don’t know what is. And of course, John tagged along too since him and Elisa were classmates since highschool.

On our last day before the flight, we headed to Chinatown.

I really love this picture of Chinatown when it was still peaceful and not crowded.

Finally spotted a seal engraver in Chinatown, I had one made with my chinese name but it kinda it looks a little wonky? I should have chosen a bigger seal! Oh well.

Thanks for stopping by to read my short Singapore trip! 🙂

Read about my Japan travel series: Tokyo | Kyoto | Hakone

Shelved Wishes

Shelved Wishes is the introductory collaborative project of five talented and inspiring Filipino artists – Raine Sarmiento, Borg Sinaban, Rex Dasig Aguilar, Kevin Roque, and Sab Palmares. These artists make artworks for gallery exhibitions, hotels and restaurants, magazines, newspapers and books, of which some were awarded by local government institutions, and were featured on print and digital media—both in the country and abroad.

Hearing from Raine the idea behind Shelved Wishes – childhood dreams coming to life through various mediums – I couldn’t help but be in awe and remember my own childhood dreams and reflect upon it. If I would be painting a picture of my childhood dream it would probably be entering another universe since I was so into anime at that time. I wanted something more exciting, more adventurous than my current life. I guess in some ways I am painting that picture now – a girl that is always in another place, searching for something she couldn’t put into words. I love how these artists captured their dreams so beautifully in their chosen medium. I secretly want to join the project but alas – I will settle with fangirling over the artworks! It’s so well thought-out and wonderfully done – as expected from professional artists!

“Away From Home” by Rex Aguilar. Acrylic on canvas. Can you make out the houses and river in this painting? As someone learning acrylic I’m making this piece an inspiration to my future paintings!

“Curiosity Emporium” by Sab Palmares. Felt tip pens and watercolor on paper. I love the energy of this illustration! It makes me want to travel in order to see what else is out there and if possible, keep a part of that with me when I go home.

“See you Space Cowboy” by Borg Sinaban. Digital work. Don’t we all dream of what’s beyond the clouds? Borg perfectly captures the human desire to explore the outer space and wonder what is really out there.

“In the Ballet Class” by Raine Sarmiento. Watercolor, acrylic and metallic ink on paper. Probably my fave out of the bunch! The softness of pink matches the overall theme of ballet – which we equate with poise and grace.

“Carousel” by Kevin Roque. Pencil on paper. Kevin’s sadness of missing out on riding the carousel is very much evident in this black and white work.

If you want to get your hands on these 5pc postcards, they’ll be available at Roots Katipunan (Unit 106 FBR Arcade Building, 317 Katipunan Avenue Barangay Loyola Heights, Quezon City) and on Raine’s online shop! Follow their social media accounts too as there might be upcoming exhibitions and new artworks to emerge from this collaborative project! Let’s support Filipino talent!

You may reach Shelved Wishes through their various social media accounts: Facebook | Instagram | Email

Thank you Raine for sending me the postcards and freebies! 🙂

Art Mod Fair 2017 with Faber-Castell

Last June 11, I went to the Art Mod Fair in SM Megamall Megatrade Center for a Watercolor Floral Workshop with a dream brand. I was first contacted by Faber-Castell when I was in Japan and I prayed so hard to make our schedules align so we can make this collaboration a reality. I’ve been using Faber-Castell since I was a kid and to work with them now that I am an adult who is moonlighting as an artist is really a dream come true.

They sent me my very own and very first green line Faber-Castell. Green is the line of their artist-grade materials.

Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils have high quality pigments that makes shading and coloring super vibrant!

I’ve first used the classic red watercolor pencils and I just bought a blue line (art grip) watercolor pencils from Sekaido and I must say the difference of this green one is really the quality of the pigment. The feel of the pencil is sturdier so I’m not afraid to put a lot of pressure to the pencil because it won’t break easily. The colors are super vibrant – a little goes a long way! I love the selection of colors in my 24 set – these are the same colors I would have in my paint palette so it’s nice to see them translate to pencil shades. Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Watercolor Pencils and other Faber-Castell products are found in National Bookstore nationwide.

Upon arriving at Art Mod Fair, my friend and I had lunch with the team of Faber-Castell and we instantly clicked so our topics went very much off tangent from art and the workshop hahaha. These are the people I feel that I can easily work and hang out with!

Before the workshop proper I did a demo near their booth. A lot of curious bystanders were watching me but I did not feel nervous at all!

My lovely shiny skirt is from Mango. Just had to say it. 😀

Prepping for the workshop, so many participants turned up! It was delayed for an hour because the prior seminar had to extend so thank you for the patience to wait for my workshop!

I feel like I’m about to hold a concert. The set-up is so professional!

Handling her watercolor pencils like a pro!

Success! 😀

Thank you lovely people from Faber-Castell! Please invite me again! ♥

And I just had to put it in words – I didn’t expect the outpouring of support and kindness. I saw a lot of familiar faces from NNIT to Cambridge; my colleagues actually brought their family (or in Filipino terms, “Ang buong barangay“) to the event, and at first I was feeling anxious as it felt like my two worlds are coming together. But I saw the genuine support from my colleagues, my friends and my family – this is something I will not forget.

Photos taken by my friend Toni, who transformed to become my momanager at the event.

Travel Diary: Hakone 2017

After our day-trip in Kyoto where we did endless walking and sightseeing, our next adventure is trying the onsen in Hakone. I’m the mastermind behind this onsen trip naturally because I’ve seen it in anime shows and it looks so relaxing. The closest onsen I’ve been was back when we stayed in a skii resort in Niseko and the house has a onsen-like bathroom. But that time you can control the hot water while in Niseko the hot water is already all prepared and you just have to jump in (though I will caution you against that, more on that later).

From Tokyo to Hakone, we had to take the Shinkansen (“Kodama”) to Odawara as there is no direct train ride from Tokyo to Hakone-Yumuto station. Then from Odawara station take a train to Hakone-Yumuto station around 15 minutes ride. It was a gloomy day and we were quite disappointed not being able to get a glimpse of Mt. Fuji due to the rain and clouds. 🙁 Hakone Yuryo is very near Hakone-Yumoto Station and there’s actually sort of like a waiting shed outside the station to wait for the Yuryo shuttle ride to and from to the onsen. There’s a lot of onsens in Hakone but we chose Yuryo due to the shuttle ride and reviews of the private hot spring. I booked one private open-air hot spring (“Hanare Yuya Kaden”) Type 1 – Sumire, which can accommodate 1-2 people for 1 hour. That’s 4,000yen and additional 1,950yen/ 30 minutes extension. You need to email them around 1 month in advanced for the reservation. The onsen opens at 10 so that’s the earliest time you can book.

When we got to Hakone Yuryo, I had to adjust my reservation to include my brother – another Type 1 for him. The receptionist gave us a small bag each with towels, keys to the private onsens and off we went to bath!

This is how the private onsen looks like. We had each a yukata which is like an equivalent to a bath robe. There were some sweet mochis (which is super delicious!)

They also have a hair dryer, a basin to wash your face and some complimentary skin care products from Shu Uemura. It looks very much like a scene from a romantic anime episode.

The bath was already all filled up and ready. It got me thinking if they replace the water after each customer but maybe that’s not the case?? The temperature is super duper hot so no jumping in at once. I was torn between super cold (it was open air) and super hot (my feet are being fried) as I slowly lowered myself in the water. You have to let your body adjust to the heat because it really feels like you are being cooked at first. This is the hottest ever bath I’ve ever taken. After my body adjusted to the heat, I was finally able to relax and savor the moment – I’m in an onsen!! I really love bathing and my dream is to have a bathtub at home where I can fill up with scented bubble baths and oils (luxuryyyy). I felt my muscles relax and all the tension from my body faded away – it felt like I had an hour long massage. My mom also loved the experience and afterwards I was teasing her that she got her energy back in order to shop some more.

After that wonderful bath, it was still pouring outside, so we checked out the restaurant of Yuryo – The Irorisaryo Hachiri. Irori cuisine means hearth-cooked and is a traditional way to cook Japanese food. Probably the least favorite of our food trips while in Japan mostly because the serving is very few for the price.

The fish that took 40 minutes to grill, devoured in less than 5 minutes.
We don’t understand how to cook these vegetables hahahaa.

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My last entry will be our short trip to the fish market Tsukiji. Stay tuned!