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    Best of 2016

    Hello 2017! So I’ve decided to go ahead and write about my 2016 highlights as a keepsake for myself. 1. UK Trip – One major highlight of my 2016¬†is going and spending two weeks in the UK. It’s mostly for work but a lot of fun times squeezed in between. I got to meet great people in Cambridge, eat delicious food, cherish my alone time and explore a number of touristy spots like Abbey Road, Camden, Buckingham Palace, etc… I still pinch myself whenever I think about it. A sub-highlight I should note is that I am now well adjusted to my new work/environment and I’ve established friendships so I…

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    Good Vibes Planner 2017

    This artwork was selected as one of 12 prints in Moonleaf Tea Shop‘s 2017 planner. I’m so happy and honored! Moonleaf Tea Shop offers beverages in a cafe style environment and have several branches all over the country from Baguio to Taguig city. I received a copy of the planner (plus a lot of gift certificates) a few weeks back. My art is featured on the month of October (too bad it wasn’t November keke~). Look at those gorgeous artworks – it feels so awkward to be included with them!! Crossing my fingers for more collaborations in the future. ūüôā Good Vibes Planner 2017 can be ordered here.

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    My Watercolor Materials

    Following through my previous post about what to buy when you want to start watercolor, I thought of¬†writing about¬†my¬†stash of watercolor paints. I’ve never documented what I have and I think this post would be something I would return to after a year or so. Winsor and Netwon Cotman 45 Half Pans¬†Studio Set My uncle got me¬†a beautiful set of Winsor and Newton Cotman watercolor pans, and it is my favorite among all my materials!¬†For a student grade, the colors are¬†wonderfully pigmented as you can see here and here. It also comes with a mixing palette¬†that I usually detach because my table is too narrow¬†to spread it out. I am…

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    How to Start a Watercolor Hobby

    I get a lot of questions on which materials to buy when you want¬†to start¬†watercolor as a hobby. Unlike years back when I was starting, I could only rely on National Bookstore for my supplies. Now, there are so¬†many options. Several art supplies shops have popped up online that target hobbyist and full-fledged artists with various¬†watercolor brands hailing from France, Japan, Korea, etc. It makes choosing much more difficult and consequently makes¬†hoarding a lot easier! I’ve seen artists who has as much as 20 brushes and several pans and tubes of paints and I’m astounded how¬†they can figure out which one to use (Is there a designated brush set when…

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    The Craft Central

    Hello I’m back to blogging! I actually started blogging first before posting my creations and paintings online, so I really miss this! My blog now would probably be a lot¬†different than what I’ve done before, which is just writing whatever comes to my mind and even personal funny experiences. For my new direction I’m thinking…art videos, writing about my experiments, creation process and how to stay creative despite having a day job and being stuck in traffic each day? Hahaha! No I’m not kidding. I’m also¬†reading up on inspiring articles to help me move towards this new direction. Let me know if this sounds interesting! Speaking of interesting, crafters and…