October Workshops And Suggestions for Artists Planning a Workshop

I had a back-to-back art workshop at Art in Aura last October. I don’t know what came over me to schedule workshops for the weekends, as if holding one workshop wasn’t a challenge enough! Looking back, I was pretty stressed out about it (talking to so many people reminded me of my management trainee days), given once again it decided to rain very hard (why the typhoon just happens to hit Manila when I have a workshop is a mystery….).

This is one of my favorite painting haha. Done in my beloved and overused Prang.
Wrong spelling hahaha but it was circulated in IG before I had a chance to correct it. >.<

Before diving into the workshop pictures, I’d take this opportunity to write about what goes on when I decide to have a workshop.  If you are just interested in seeing the pictures, feel free to skip the succeeding paragraphs!

Setting up a workshop takes a lot of work and I’ve been doing it almost for each month this year – this is part of my “artist” goal if you could call it that (I feel embarrassed calling myself an artist because there are real artists out there). I’m not exactly a positive-thinking-rainbows-and-unicorns kind of person either – more of the opposite. But I like to think of ideas and execute them. (Later on, I’d lament on the many little things I could have done better to make things perfect.) I want to keep pursuing something beyond the confines of the traditional office (it gets deathly boring in front of the computer and I finish up my work pretty quickly). I want to inspire others and ignite their passion in painting as I firmly believed that art and painting led me to a much more peaceful state. You don’t have to be the best painter, but you feel happy knowing you created something for yourself.

Anyways, I have default topics for workshops – Beginners Watercolor, Florals and Portraits. I really like Florals and Beginners Watercolor which I’ve done several times this year. Sadly my portrait took a back seat and when I do portraits now I cringe at my work – buuuut I resolve to practice! After choosing a topic, I’d make my pricing/supplier management if needed. Then I have to decide on a date to announce it. I was advised to put my workshops on the week when people have their pay – higher chance of people actually paying! But I find that it doesn’t really work that way, when people want to learn from you, they find a way to pay. Heck, I even had people pay months in advance just to confirm their slot. I create an Event in my Facebook page with a date, some workshop info and a link to Google forms should they want to register. I like making an Early Bird rate to encourage people to register early – this is especially important if you plan to order bulk items with discount from suppliers. Art materials suppliers offer discounts with 10 items or more so of course you need to shell out money first and pray that you get 10 students or more. But if you plan to hold several workshops in the future, I’m sure you’ll be able to get the ROI from those cost.

Does it matter if there is an inclusive materials or not for the workshop? Yes, if you plan to include materials in your workshop, make sure you get the eye-catching and artist grade brands like Sennelier, Holbein, ShinHan, etc… People will always ask me – “What are the materials included?” Before I used to get Prang as the material (it’s still one of my fave honestly!) but now people want paint which they don’t have. And that goes the same with brushes. Most likely the people enrolling workshops these days already have materials – and they are even better than yours hahaha! The number of times I drooled at a student’s watercolor set and brush!!! I would suggest to offer an option with materials and without materials. 🙂

When it comes to tie-ups there’s a lot of coordination happening on the week of the workshop. Especially when the weather decides not to cooperate. I had to request to Art in Aura for the workshops to be moved indoors due to the rain and I take it it was difficult to get permission to set up inside the mall, plus getting plastic tables and chairs. I would suggest to approach cafes for any workshop packages. You can include food in your workshop too as a way to payback the use of the space. I find that people get hungry after concentrating for so long in their painting. Especially if you teach kids. I also bring some candies and chocolates and put them in the center of the table so people can nibble while they paint. It creates a nice and relaxing atmosphere.

Of course while doing all of these, I’m also prepping the lesson plan and taking notes of what I wish to impart to my students. I am more or less more drawn to teaching my process (since I am self-taught) after tackling the basics of watercolor. It is easy enough to know wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry techniques but how to approach a certain painting? Where to start? What to add? Should you stop adding? What color to make it pop? I don’t know how others teach watercolor, but this is just what I find useful to share. 🙂

Now on to the photos of my workshops. I have more photos of the Watercolor for Beginners (coz I have kind a sponsor like Faber-Castell and my friend, Toni, who took photos!) than the Graphite Portrait one.

Such a beautiful venue – we are inside the mall! And tucked in a peaceful corner! Thank you SM Aura!
Watercolor for Beginners was sponsored by Faber-Castell. They provided the materials for use during the event and gave me my own Connector Paints to use! *cries* I’m so touched!
Workshop was overbooked! Thank you again for the support!

A lot of familiar faces also dropped by and took photos of me. Thank you. Do I look masungit (mean) when I teach?
Class picture! 😀

Then on the next day, I had my Graphite Portrait workshop. This is the first ever kind of workshop I did and I just had an idea of wanting to teach portrait with a twist. And those that follow me in Instagram know how I love my Artgraf Viarco watersoluble graphite pan so this was the highlight of the workshop!

Enjoying a nice cup of flat white at Providore Backyard before the workshop.
It was a little weird teaching in the middle of the restaurant (people in the nearby table kept giving us weird looks) but it was a lot better than getting soaked in the rain!
Plus, we can order coffee and snacks too! Thanks Providore Backyard!

These are the last workshops for the yearrr!!! For these last two months of 2017 I’m working on my merchandise – if you haven’t followed it yet, check out Hanamiph, where I handpaint pouches, notebooks and sell my floral designs in notebooks, postcards and art prints! Perfect for Christmas gifts and/or giveaways! 😀

Next year, I’ll be back to teaching and I hope to see familiar faces in class. Cheers! 😉


July Watercolor Workshops

July had been my busiest month yet with a short business trip to Singapore plus several workshops booked just right after the trip. I thought I was going to expire due to exhaustion but thankfully, I’m still alive and very happy that I pushed through with all the commitments. I managed to finish all my workshop preparations (shout out to Candice Amoranto who nicely printed my notes for me – you’re my savior!) before I head to Singapore so that really helped in keeping me calm during the trip.

HR has approached me to conduct a watercolor workshop for beginners – this might not be the last so definitely something to look forward to!

Honestly I was feeling very shy to hold a workshop at the office – especially having my colleagues as my students.

HR said they had loads of fun and since we still have Sennelier paints they are waiting for my go signal to schedule the next batch of workshops! (I need to complete all my pending commissions first. >.<)

After a couple of days, I held my much anticipated (at least for me) Realistic Florals Watercolor workshop in Makati. I was sincerely overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the participants and I didn’t encounter anybody in the registration/payment process that gave me a headache (which is what all artists pray for).

Yummy panini and sandwiches – Thank you Plaza Cafe!

The weather was awful that day and the lights even went out for a few seconds but everyone was so focus on painting we finished around 6:30PM! Overtime!


Lastly, I met Regina last Saturday for a private session of the same class.

All art materials are care of Artnebulaph.com – thank you for accommodating all my workshops needs! Students love everything!

If your interested in my workshops, I have another one scheduled for Art in Aura on August 26. Register here.

Thank you to my students who tagged me in Instagram with their works.

Watercolor Workshop at FullyBooked

Last year, I emailed FullyBooked to ask if I can conduct a workshop at their store and what are their terms and conditions. Cez of FullyBooked replied to me in such speed that I panicked when she wanted to schedule me right then and there for a Saturday slot.

That time, it was a long shot for me to do a workshop, much less there in Fullybooked! There were many things I had to consider – my skills in painting AND teaching, my confidence and anxiety, my time, and my target audience – before I can rollout a workshop. It became like a goal for me to have my workshop at Fullybooked. I’ve often passed by that place, even if it’s just to browse through the racks of art materials and checking out all the materials laid out on the tables. I love the sense of being surrounded by everything artsy and I know it was the perfect place to hold my dream workshop.

This year I started a couple of workshops in cafes, each time learning more about teaching, organizing and budgeting. Thankfully my day job gives me a lot of experience on the latter two. With each workshop, my confidence grew and I realize that I was also learning together with my students. I’m self-taught so everything started out as an experiment. In order to conduct a successful workshop, I took the time to breakdown my technique or whatever it was I was doing to get my work to look the way I want to. It was a very introspective process and there were a lot of realization along the way. I believe my students will benefit from this experience, as well as my practical views in sustaining this as a hobby.

Prepping the workshop materials before my student arrives. I’m super thankful to my mom and friend who helped me out. I only commute by bus and had to bring a barrage of stuff, plus an easel! Forever the practical artist. Hahaha!
All set! My easel is from FullyBooked which was super useful. Now my students can see my demo from where they are seated.


My students are super enthusiastic to learn which made teaching all the more fun. I had a tray of candies and chocolates on the table so everyone was extra hyper kekeke~
See those looks of concentration! Painting is a serious business. 🙂

This was my last workshop for the year and I’m super happy about the turn out of all my workshops that I thought of documenting it here in the blog. I couldn’t have done this without a lot of support and help and prayers. I’m looking forward to next year and all the opportunities to come. Always remember, “Great things never come from comfort zones.”

Interested to join the next workshop? Be the first to know about my workshop schedules by signing up in the newsletter. 🙂





“Drawing and painting are also skills; so you can learn them.”

As someone who values creativity and art as a form of therapy, I decided to conduct art workshops starting in 2015. Attendees are limited so that I can give ample guidance to each student.

All classes offered are suitable for beginners or those who want to hone their watercoloring skills! Kindly check below for classes offered and the workshop schedules.



Beginners Watercolor Workshop

Fall in love with watercolor by learning about brush techniques, color theory and still life painting. This class is perfect for those who have not experienced watercolor and those who are just switching from opaque mediums to watercolor.


Graphite Portrait Painting

Before diving into a world of colors, try mastering a monochromatic painting. Learn about tonal value, how to apply it with the use of Viarco Art Graf watersoluble graphite, to achieve a realistic portrait painting. This class is good for beginners without any prior knowledge of painting.


portrait-watercolor-blockPortrait Watercolor Workshop

Learn the basics of painting portraits. Topics covered in the workshop include basic brush strokes, color mixing for skin tones and shadows, painting realistic facial features and more. This class is good for beginners in watercolor and for those who need a bit of coaching in their work.



Learn the basics of painting flowers in watercolor. Topics covered in the workshop include watercolor basics, flower illustration and a guided process for painting flowers. This class is good for beginners in watercolor and for those who need a bit of coaching in their work.



Private Classes

I accept private classes during weekends when my schedule permits. Please drop me an email at carlacochua@gmail.com to book a private class. For private classes, students are allowed to pick their desired topics to cover and are required to bring their own materials.

Learn about future workshops by signing up for the newsletter.