Art Weekend at Commercenter Alabang

I was invited by Artnebula to conduct a Realistic Florals Workshop last May 6 at Commercenter, Alabang. I didn’t hesitate to the offer because (1) it was artnebulaph, an online artshop which I love, providing the materials, and (2) it was going to be in Alabang! I only held one workshop back then in Molito and I really wanted to have another session in the South. We need more art events here!

Artnebula also prepared booths for the invited artists to sell their merchandise! So thoughtful! I’ve never tried selling any of my merchandise (if I have any) in a booth so I had to think about what to print to make it look interesting. I decided on my fave A6 notebooks on different floral designs (keeping with the theme of realistic florals keke~)

I also had some art prints and postcards printed. The colors are crisp and lovely! It looks like the original!

My booth ♥

I also framed the original paintings and put them up for sale/display. Many people thought I hand-painted each notebook and postcard. The quality is that good~

I also got to meet some of my fave people in Instagram – the lovely couple Alfie and Vanessa of Artnebula, Pin of tutubingkarayom, Steph AlvarezKat Gosiengfao and Drew Europeo. The day wouldn’t be half as fun without all the funny chika!

My workshop slot is around 4:30 so it was a little bit dark but a lot of students turned up! More than what I was expecting! Good thing I made extra practice sheets.

The workshop is inclusive of materials from Artnebula. We used Sennelier paints (I chose the colors beforehand) and Raphael Kaerell S series brush. I’m loving the brush and even use it extensively until now. I’m actually eyeing an Isabey mop brush from their site. Next time!

Aside from this being my first floral-centric workshop, I also made a point to teach drawing so people know how where to start.
Look at that Hydrangea! My students are fast learners and they each have their own “style” in painting.

Crossing my fingers for another workshop collaboration with Artnebula! This experience was awesome!

If you wish to join my mailing list for workshops, please head over to this form. I’ll make sure to contact you as soon as another workshop opens!

My Watercolor Materials

Following through my previous post about what to buy when you want to start watercolor, I thought of writing about my stash of watercolor paints. I’ve never documented what I have and I think this post would be something I would return to after a year or so.

  1. Winsor and Netwon Cotman 45 Half Pans Studio Set


My uncle got me a beautiful set of Winsor and Newton Cotman watercolor pans, and it is my favorite among all my materials! For a student grade, the colors are wonderfully pigmented as you can see here and here. It also comes with a mixing palette that I usually detach because my table is too narrow to spread it out. I am not sure if this is sold in the Philippines as I’ve yet to see this exact set in National Bookstore or online. However, there are other Cotman sets and paint tubes that are being sold in those shops. My concern for this set is that it contains 45 half pans which makes it heavy and bulky to travel with. Granted I rarely paint outside the comforts of my home, but there are occasions that I like to bring my paints with me. So when Kar (of the popular OOTDraw in IG) offered to buy travel sets in Sekaido Japan, I immediately reserved one for myself. Which leads me to my next set…

2. Winsor and Newton Cotman Pocket Plus 12 Half Pans


I got a pocket size version of the Cotman! It comes with 12 half pans, a tiny brush and 2 mixing palettes. The case is gorgeous and compact. The very next day when I got this set I brought it to the office and in my excitement, I showed it to a guy officemate who looked offended as he thought I was going to show him a makeup compact. Hahaha! I haven’t used the half pans that comes with it though since I have the exact colors in my big Cotman set. I just removed my most used colors in big Cotman and placed it the tiny Cotman. Handy eh? Kindly check National Bookstore if they still have this available, as I have seen it being sold there before.

3. Prang 16 Colors


My first watercolor set – the beloved Prang! I don’t use it as much these days but I whip it out when I get invited to host art sessions with kids. It holds a lot of memories for me as many of my earlier paintings especially the fashion illustrations are painted using this set. Available in National Bookstore.

4. Kuretake Gansai Tambi 12 Colors (see link for 18 colors)


I must confess this is an impulse buy from Craft Carrot in St. James Bazaar last year. I haven’t used much of it in my illustrations due to a lame excuse of having no mixing palette at that time. I did a few florals with it but I can’t make a judgement yet of the colors until I have really used it. I am secretly eyeing the Gansai Tambi Starry Colors but I’m still debating whether adding some gold to my paintings would work or it’s just me attracted to anything sparkly. It’s also available in National Bookstore.

5. Sennelier La Petite Aquarelle Fine Student Travel Box 12 Tubes


I got my first watercolor tubes in Craft Central’s PR party. I now use it in tandem with my Cotman colors, as the pigments in this Sennelier aren’t as good as the Cotman. I love the Permanent Rose and Deep Green in this set though! I recommend it for beginners.


So far that’s what I got. I noticed that there are certain colors that I gravitate to in any set so my paintings follow that same color schemes. But I am challenging myself to experiment more, mix and match and take a risk. Eventually I would like to mix a different media to watercolor. Documenting my watercolor sets is making me itch to go back to painting. There are so many possibilities in one watercolor box and I can’t possibly use all of these up in my lifetime (but I sure hell will try)! If you have your own watercolor materials list, please do share in the comments. I like looking into new materials and reading how they are being used.

The Craft Central

Hello I’m back to blogging!

I actually started blogging first before posting my creations and paintings online, so I really miss this! My blog now would probably be a lot different than what I’ve done before, which is just writing whatever comes to my mind and even personal funny experiences. For my new direction I’m thinking…art videos, writing about my experiments, creation process and how to stay creative despite having a day job and being stuck in traffic each day? Hahaha! No I’m not kidding. I’m also reading up on inspiring articles to help me move towards this new direction. Let me know if this sounds interesting!

Speaking of interesting, crafters and artists would be happy to know that inkscribbler‘s brainchild The Craft Central has opened in Greenbelt 5! *throws confetti* I was invited to the PR party last September 21 and I didn’t hesitate to go, despite it being a work day. Who can say no to arts and crafts right?


The Craft Central has a space for conducting workshops. Will definitely consider holding my next workshop here!


The shop contains a lot of artisan products like handmade perfumes, soap, pouches, stationary, stamps, stickers and supplies for watercolor and calligraphy. I think this will be my go-to place to look for gifts for friends. 🙂



Sennelier La Petit Aquarelle fine student travel box (1,790.00), Mixing palette (180.00) from The Craft Central, Watson postcard book (out of stock at Wildwood store)

The Craft Central is located at the 3rd floor, Greenbelt 5. They have prepared several activities for the opening weekend so be sure not to miss out!