Art in Aura: Realistic Florals Watercolor Workshop

I was invited by SM Aura to conduct a watercolor workshop last August 26, as part of their Art in Aura campaign, and since BGC is a place I haven’t put up a workshop yet I immediately said yes!

There are also artists’ booths selling merchandise around the area. Art in Aura happens every weekend and artists are encouraged to join!

There was supposedly a storm coming that day so inside of using the Providore Backyard as the venue, we were relocated inside the mall – which was a blessing because of the aircon!!

A bunch of kids playing with my Prang before the workshop started. Know any kids that like to paint? I can hold private workshops for kids ages 8 to 12 years old!

A lovely single rose made by my student. 😀

Output of the painting demo.

How lovely is the workshop venue that’s located near your fave stores like Stradivarius and UNQLO? 🙂

Thanks again my dear students – I had a blast teaching you and seeing how much you improved in your IG posts! And thank you SM Aura Premier for inviting me!

I’m doing a new type of workshop also in Art in Aura come October 15 (Sunday). If you wish to learn the basic of portrait drawing and painting faces in graphite, then join my Graphite Portrait Painting Workshop! The material to be used here is the Viarvo Art Graf watercolor graphite – it’s a perfect/no-fuss medium for monochrome work.

The fee includes the Art Graf, as well as a handy Raphael brush and Fabriano sheets.

If you’re interested, click here to register. Early bird rate ends on Sept 23.


July Watercolor Workshops

July had been my busiest month yet with a short business trip to Singapore plus several workshops booked just right after the trip. I thought I was going to expire due to exhaustion but thankfully, I’m still alive and very happy that I pushed through with all the commitments. I managed to finish all my workshop preparations (shout out to Candice Amoranto who nicely printed my notes for me – you’re my savior!) before I head to Singapore so that really helped in keeping me calm during the trip.

HR has approached me to conduct a watercolor workshop for beginners – this might not be the last so definitely something to look forward to!

Honestly I was feeling very shy to hold a workshop at the office – especially having my colleagues as my students.

HR said they had loads of fun and since we still have Sennelier paints they are waiting for my go signal to schedule the next batch of workshops! (I need to complete all my pending commissions first. >.<)

After a couple of days, I held my much anticipated (at least for me) Realistic Florals Watercolor workshop in Makati. I was sincerely overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the participants and I didn’t encounter anybody in the registration/payment process that gave me a headache (which is what all artists pray for).

Yummy panini and sandwiches – Thank you Plaza Cafe!

The weather was awful that day and the lights even went out for a few seconds but everyone was so focus on painting we finished around 6:30PM! Overtime!


Lastly, I met Regina last Saturday for a private session of the same class.

All art materials are care of – thank you for accommodating all my workshops needs! Students love everything!

If your interested in my workshops, I have another one scheduled for Art in Aura on August 26. Register here.

Thank you to my students who tagged me in Instagram with their works.

January and February 2017 Watercolor Workshops

The first two months of the 2017 had been a whirlwind of activities. I completed a workshop each month, again at my favorite place, FullyBooked. I’m very glad that people signed up despite announcing it last year amidst the Christmas holiday, making me more anxious about the upcoming year! I also gave out free watercolor paper sampler pack from tutubingkarayom for the first 5 who availed with materials. It’s called the curiosity pack and also available to purchase online.

Like all my previous workshops, I learned a lot in the preparation and actual session. Realized that I shouldn’t schedule a 2nd workshop too close to the date of the previous workshop (stressful!)! I had a drop-in student during my Watercolor for beginners and I’m glad I brought an extra Prang with me!

First thought – my disheveled hair! Second thought – someone brought their merienda. A participant/watcher (who is also a dear friend) is pregnant so she was happily munching away during the workshop. Lastly, even babies were welcome! Thankfully, my lecture put her to sleep. Hahaha!
Thankfully the same pregnant friend took on the role of being my photographer during the event. 🙂

I made a lineart for each student in the workshop so they don’t have to deal with sketching on their first portrait painting. On the final portrait though I let them choose which of my painting they want to use for practice.

For March, I have exclusive workshops which I’m pretty excited about, then I’ll be gone for a short vacation (sakuras are calling me~). There might be workshop schedules coming up in April/May, if my schedule permits. 😉

I’m writing more in this blog because it’ll be such a waste for a website not to have any new content. And I must remember to take proper photos of my remaining 2016 work so I can upload them in my portfolio. Still so much in my backlog!!!