Art Weekend at Commercenter Alabang

I was invited by Artnebula to conduct a Realistic Florals Workshop last May 6 at Commercenter, Alabang. I didn’t hesitate to the offer because (1) it was artnebulaph, an online artshop which I love, providing the materials, and (2) it was going to be in Alabang! I only held one workshop back then in Molito and I really wanted to have another session in the South. We need more art events here!

Artnebula also prepared booths for the invited artists to sell their merchandise! So thoughtful! I’ve never tried selling any of my merchandise (if I have any) in a booth so I had to think about what to print to make it look interesting. I decided on my fave A6 notebooks on different floral designs (keeping with the theme of realistic florals keke~)

I also had some art prints and postcards printed. The colors are crisp and lovely! It looks like the original!

My booth ♥

I also framed the original paintings and put them up for sale/display. Many people thought I hand-painted each notebook and postcard. The quality is that good~

I also got to meet some of my fave people in Instagram – the lovely couple Alfie and Vanessa of Artnebula, Pin of tutubingkarayom, Steph AlvarezKat Gosiengfao and Drew Europeo. The day wouldn’t be half as fun without all the funny chika!

My workshop slot is around 4:30 so it was a little bit dark but a lot of students turned up! More than what I was expecting! Good thing I made extra practice sheets.

The workshop is inclusive of materials from Artnebula. We used Sennelier paints (I chose the colors beforehand) and Raphael Kaerell S series brush. I’m loving the brush and even use it extensively until now. I’m actually eyeing an Isabey mop brush from their site. Next time!

Aside from this being my first floral-centric workshop, I also made a point to teach drawing so people know how where to start.
Look at that Hydrangea! My students are fast learners and they each have their own “style” in painting.

Crossing my fingers for another workshop collaboration with Artnebula! This experience was awesome!

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January and February 2017 Watercolor Workshops

The first two months of the 2017 had been a whirlwind of activities. I completed a workshop each month, again at my favorite place, FullyBooked. I’m very glad that people signed up despite announcing it last year amidst the Christmas holiday, making me more anxious about the upcoming year! I also gave out free watercolor paper sampler pack from tutubingkarayom for the first 5 who availed with materials. It’s called the curiosity pack and also available to purchase online.

Like all my previous workshops, I learned a lot in the preparation and actual session. Realized that I shouldn’t schedule a 2nd workshop too close to the date of the previous workshop (stressful!)! I had a drop-in student during my Watercolor for beginners and I’m glad I brought an extra Prang with me!

First thought – my disheveled hair! Second thought – someone brought their merienda. A participant/watcher (who is also a dear friend) is pregnant so she was happily munching away during the workshop. Lastly, even babies were welcome! Thankfully, my lecture put her to sleep. Hahaha!
Thankfully the same pregnant friend took on the role of being my photographer during the event. 🙂

I made a lineart for each student in the workshop so they don’t have to deal with sketching on their first portrait painting. On the final portrait though I let them choose which of my painting they want to use for practice.

For March, I have exclusive workshops which I’m pretty excited about, then I’ll be gone for a short vacation (sakuras are calling me~). There might be workshop schedules coming up in April/May, if my schedule permits. 😉

I’m writing more in this blog because it’ll be such a waste for a website not to have any new content. And I must remember to take proper photos of my remaining 2016 work so I can upload them in my portfolio. Still so much in my backlog!!!

Watercolor Workshop at FullyBooked

Last year, I emailed FullyBooked to ask if I can conduct a workshop at their store and what are their terms and conditions. Cez of FullyBooked replied to me in such speed that I panicked when she wanted to schedule me right then and there for a Saturday slot.

That time, it was a long shot for me to do a workshop, much less there in Fullybooked! There were many things I had to consider – my skills in painting AND teaching, my confidence and anxiety, my time, and my target audience – before I can rollout a workshop. It became like a goal for me to have my workshop at Fullybooked. I’ve often passed by that place, even if it’s just to browse through the racks of art materials and checking out all the materials laid out on the tables. I love the sense of being surrounded by everything artsy and I know it was the perfect place to hold my dream workshop.

This year I started a couple of workshops in cafes, each time learning more about teaching, organizing and budgeting. Thankfully my day job gives me a lot of experience on the latter two. With each workshop, my confidence grew and I realize that I was also learning together with my students. I’m self-taught so everything started out as an experiment. In order to conduct a successful workshop, I took the time to breakdown my technique or whatever it was I was doing to get my work to look the way I want to. It was a very introspective process and there were a lot of realization along the way. I believe my students will benefit from this experience, as well as my practical views in sustaining this as a hobby.

Prepping the workshop materials before my student arrives. I’m super thankful to my mom and friend who helped me out. I only commute by bus and had to bring a barrage of stuff, plus an easel! Forever the practical artist. Hahaha!
All set! My easel is from FullyBooked which was super useful. Now my students can see my demo from where they are seated.


My students are super enthusiastic to learn which made teaching all the more fun. I had a tray of candies and chocolates on the table so everyone was extra hyper kekeke~
See those looks of concentration! Painting is a serious business. 🙂

This was my last workshop for the year and I’m super happy about the turn out of all my workshops that I thought of documenting it here in the blog. I couldn’t have done this without a lot of support and help and prayers. I’m looking forward to next year and all the opportunities to come. Always remember, “Great things never come from comfort zones.”

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Portrait Watercolor Workshop

Learn the basics of painting portraits. Topics covered in the workshop include basic brush strokes, color mixing for skin tones and shadows, painting realistic facial features and more. This class is good for beginners in watercolor and for those who need a bit of coaching in their work.


November 5, 2016 (Saturday) 1pm – 4pm: Fullybooked Greenbelt 5, Makati

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